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TURN ON YOUR INTERIOR FIRETWO DAY Experience "Connecting with the Sun"

Summary Itinerary

Technical specifications:

  • Duration of the trek: 2D / 1N.
  • Level Difficulty: “5” Descent with uneven terrain. Development for solidarity and perseverance. Activity to trial equipment and acquire experiences for Camping. Discipline and attention to the indications of the Guide.
  • Suitable for: Adults with adequate physical condition to carry a backpack.
  • Average Route: 5 – 6 KM.
  • Height: From 2500 masl to 3.600 masl

Itinerary Summary

In the morning at 7:00 am we will pick you up from your hotels in Cusco to go to Archaeological Complex of “Ñaupa Iglesia” where our teacher will carry out a cleaning with Medicinal plants, then we will go to the town of Soqma in vehicle to start our journey, After 50 minutes Approx we will arrive at the “Perolniyoc Waterfalls” where we will have a small meditation, then we will continue to a viewpoint where we will have a small snack and continue to the Archaeological complex of “Racaypata” where we will have the “leaf reading “Coca ceremony” then we will continue until we get to the place where we will enjoy our Lunch (special foods to improve the experience with the consumption of master plants such as Ayahuasca and San Pedro-Wachuma), then we will continue through beautiful Andean landscapes, charged with nature’s vital energies until we reach our camp for the evening, we will distribute the tents according to the requirements of our guests and after a rest we will go to enjoy a bonfire and have a dialogue and meditation. The day will end with a dinner and finally to rest for the night.

The next day we will wake up very early to hold a reception ceremony for Father Sun (Tayta Inti) with an Andean Runic exercises, the same ones that our ancestors practiced. In this way we will try to connect our body and spirit with the purifying energy of our Father Sun; After this we will rest for a short while and then go out to enjoy an Andean breakfast, which will nourish our physical, spiritual and mental body.

Then we will spend a moment of relaxation and then get ready and continue with our way, after 3 hours Approx we will reach “Huayroncoyocpampa” which belongs to the district of Ollantaytambo where our transport awaits us and we’ll return to Cusco by approx 2 pm.

First Day

In the morning at 7:00 am you will be picked up from your hotel in the historic center of Cusco then we will go to the archaeological complex called “Ñaupa Iglesia” which is located in the District of Ollantaytambo Approx. Half an hour north of Cusco, once there our Andean Maestro will begin with a blessing and cleansing with medicinal plants for each of the participants, this magical place to this day represents a very important point in the Andean cosmovision;

TWO DAY Experience-Sol Connection - Meditation

We will have a short introduction about the true name of this place and we will know about the experiences that our ancestors made in this Andean temple called “Ñaupa Iglesia” after Approx one hour and a half we will return to our vehicle to go to the Town of Soqma that is 20 minutes by car, and at 10:30 am we will have a brief summary of the activities and places to visit in our tour, we will begin our tour and after around 50 minutes we will arrive at the “Perolniyoc” waterfalls which are located in a ravine within the Sauco forest, with Approx 60 meters of fall this beautiful place will be the stage for our first practice of short Meditation. This experience will help channel our energy and nourish us from the energetic fundamental element that is Water;

Then we will continue with our tour and we will have a short break in the viewpoint of Soqma where we will also have a small snack, after Approx 20 minutes we will continue along these wonderful Inca roads arriving at our next destination which is the Archaeological complex of “Racaypata” Which is about 45 minutes walk to arrive around 1:00 pm we will begin with a small guided visit of this important Archaeological site and then with our Andean Maestro perform the “reading of the coca leaves” in which we will ask the great energies of the mountain spirits (APUS) for our protection both physically and spiritually as well as the protection of our relatives. After around an hour and a half, at around 2:30 pm Aprox

we will continue along these vitality enhancing routes for 30 minutes toward our location for lunch (selected foods to have better experience with the taking of San Pedro-Wachuma, Ayahuasca) after an hour of nourishing ourselves from our Mother Earth (Pachamama) we will continue through natural landscapes of quite beauty, arriving at around 5:30 pm where will come to our camping site for the evening, with an option of an early night at around 7:00 pm we will have our campfire ready to contemplate the silence in the middle of nature and the energy of our Apus, we will be able to talk about our experience and practice our meditation to then move to rest in our tents.

Second Day

The next day at 4:45 am before the sun rises we will awaken together to receive our Father Sun (Tayta Inti) with Runic exercises, the same as those practiced by our ancestors the Inca to nourish their bodies, minds and spirit, we will channel our vital energy to wake up with the help of the sun our beings that inhabit our body; After that we will have a moment of rest with breakfast and continue our journey, after about 3 hours we will reach the end of our route called “Huyroncoyocpampa” that belongs to the District of Ollantaytambo where our transport awaits us to return to Cusco arriving around 2pm.

TWO DAY Experience-Sol Connection - Hike

After Approx 3 hours we will arrive at the end of our route called “Huyroncoyocpampa” that belongs to the District of Ollantaytambo where our mobility awaits us to return to the city of Cusco Approx. 2pm.

You also have the option of staying in the town of Ollantaytambo for the night and the next day go to the well known wonder “MACHU PICCHU” which is one hour and a half away by Train. It is worth mentioning that Ollantaytambo has hotels, tourist restaurants of all levels; You will also have the chance to explore its traditional streets of the Inca era full of mystery and beauty (Qosqo Ayllu).


  • Transport.
  • Official Tourism Guide (Spanish or English).
  • 1 snack, 1 Breakfast, 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner.
  • Horse for security.
  • Tents.
  • Sleeping bags.
  • Portable bathroom.
  • Dining tent.
  • Oxygen.
  • First aid kit.
  • Assistants + Mules for carrying equipment (only for carrying camping equipment).
  • Maestro for ceremonies.
  • 3 kilos of Baggage to carry (in case of exceeding you will be charged 10 soles per kilo).
  • Blanket and mattresses.

Not included:

  • Personal horses.
  • Breakfast of the 1st Day, Lunch or Dinner of the last day.
  • Tips

What to bring:

  • Sunscreen lotion.
  • Suitable clothes for hiking (waterproof/windproof jacket to keep out the wind and rain).
  • Hiking shoes.
  • Water
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