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San Pedro Ceremony

Summary Itinerary

Let us give you an idea of our program with Wachuma,

Wachuma from quechua: Wachu: row , Uma: head means to cultivate the mind, to rise consciousness.
For us safety and authenticity is of high value, that is why we are providing personal and intimate retreats with no more than 4/5 persons and we give attention to preparation and integration.


* Day 1.- arrival 09:00 (pick-up from Urubamba bus terminal) preparation and beginning of the ceremony, time for resting and absorption of the medicine, walk and meditation in nature (the ceremony is all day approximately) soup at evening, accommodation in the night.

Day 2.- breakfast, and we will finish your retreat with a ceremony offering of gratitude to Pachamama, the Mountains and Wachuma Spirit. Around 11:00am finish of the retreat.

Our intention with San Pedro, Wachuma ceremony is to connect. To heal and share consciousness, merging internal and external landscapes in order to replant your Spirit and the Spirit of humanity.
Our San Pedro, Wachuma ceremonies take us out into the open countryside, cradled by the surrounding mountains (Apus) that hold so much significance in traditional Andean ceremonies and culture. Taking a short walk in silence along winding paths, our beautiful river.  Through Inca ruins to special spaces overlooking the epic landscape of the Sacred Valley.

We share regular ceremonies, at least once a week, with Wachuma, depending on our guests requirements and duration of stay. At Willkamayu Spirit we host ceremonies when they are felt and required. Guided by the cycle of the moon, we always stay open and flexible to our guests needs at a given time.

Within our sacred space you will receive one to one attention on your healing process. From an initial consultation on your health and intentions, teachings about the sacred plants, to a personal chat with your Maestro / Maestra.

Within ceremony we take the greatest care to listen and nurture you through the healing process ensuring that you are well supported. We share moments of movement and moments of stillness, moments of laughter and then of silence, all very organically and in a non obtrusive way. We are here to support your internal experience. To help you to release and cleanse if you need to, and to make you feel as comfortable as possible throughout the experience

If we have musicians present then we may share some music, as well as a special offering of gratitude to Pachamama and the Mountains, closing the ceremony at around 6pm.

Following the ceremony we share our experiences as a group. The effects of San Pedro remain into the evening so we do our best to settle down and relax, staying present with our intention so that San Pedro can work with us in our dreams.

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