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Flowering Baths

Summary Itinerary

Flowering baths, change of life, spiritual rebirth.

Important to flourish your life is a connection with heaven and earth. The Shaman does his job channeling superior energy. The participant helps by attracting luck, all vibrations and positive intentions (the law of attraction). We will attract everything we want to our lives. It is also called the ritual of purification and renewal of positive energies (love, money, health, work among others). Other people call it a ritual for love and luck, among other names that want to give it. There are also different forms of flowering baths that the Shamans perform according to the needs of each participant. The Ayahuasca ceremony or an Ayahuasca retreat is the ideal complement to a more powerful emotional and spiritual healing.


The Flowering Bath renews, makes it shine; This ceremony is intended to provide energy to the person, make it glow, highlight, flourish, connect in the deepest with the energy of the Pachamama (Mother Earth). To perform this ceremony the participant must perform the Negative Energy Cleaning beforehand, otherwise the Flowering Bath will not work. This ceremony is performed with flowers, rosemary, rue, broom, also called the three R; Roses or flowers represent going out, blooming, renewing and changing. Incense is important in this ceremony because it relaxes us and transports us to another level of our life where everything is possible and absolute; The water ritual represents the purification of the body, the birth. Nor can we forget the most important essence, florida water, to be able to have everything complete for our Flowering Bath or Andean rebirth. With the Flowering Baths we seek the spiritual balance that heals based on medicinal plants and flowers that our Mother Earth (Pachamama) offers us: white, red and yellow, symbols of purity, love, luck and joy. Try an Ayahuasca ritual or an Ayahuasca retreat to extend the effect of your Flowering Bath.

What to eat before the Flowering Bath:

  • Do not drink alcoholic beverages before the ceremony.
  • Avoid chemicals before and after in the body (lotion, perfume, creams and others).
  • Having a time to meet ourselves, not having contact with many people throughout the day.


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