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transforming experience !

¡Join us for a life

radiate your conscience!

¡Let the sun

find your true essence!

¡An opportunity to

find your true essence!

¡An opportunity to

knowledge of yourself!

¡Experience the true

that will transform your life!

 ¡Live with us an experience


The Diet to follow prior to the consumption of the Master plants is fundamental to achieve the higher states of connection and to allow us to balance with our spirit. Also having an adequate diet helps us to alleviate any demanding bodily processes and digestive stress at the time of the meeting with the plant. That is why the “Kuntur Spirit” Family adequately designed the diet that we provide during our journey; It is worth mentioning that at least one day before the medicine, you must be in a secluded place with little solar exposure and, if possible, fasting. If there are reasons that you can not fast to absolutely minimise the intake of salt or sugar.

 You are NOT permitted to consume:

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