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We welcome all people who have the intention and commitment to nurture their spirit in a relentless environment such as the Andes of Cusco and thus gain a more enhanced experience with the master plants of AYAHUASCA and SAN PEDRO (WACHUMA), allowing us to heal our Spirit, our mind and our body. We will put into practice the inherited wisdom of our Ancestors with Runic exercises, meditation, cleaning with medicinal plants, reading with the leaves of Coca, in a magical environment next to our Pacha Mama (Mother Earth), Mama Killa (Mother Moon), Tayta Inti (Father sun), etc. To speak of the Andean world of the Glorious times of our ancestors the Inca is to speak of spirituality, mysticism, Religion, Shamanism, Esotericism, Mystery, overcoming, Union, Balance, FAMILY ETC ETC; the daily life of the Inca was linked naturally to the inner world conformed by the spirit, body and Mind; where work with the land (Pachamama) was conceived as a divine gift which only those who pay attention and recognise our relationship with divine nature can glimpse.



Sacred KnowledgeMachupicchu Tour "Spiritually Mystical"

The Inka Society developed different centers of worship and worship of the different deities within their worldview; as part of their social development they cultivated the wisdom and knowledge inherited from generation to generation on the spiritual, physical and mental side.

Time: 1 Day

Tour: Mystic, Andean Spiritual.



Medium mountain (departure on broken ground with prolonged ascent Low temperatures Development of solidarity and perseverance Own activity to reaffirm in the use of backpack of hand Discipline and attention to the indications of the coordination.

Duration of the trekking: Three hours ½ of rise and Three hours ½ of descent.

Level Difficulty: 2 (departure on rolling terrain with smooth ascent) Mini walk.

Suitable for: Adults and children from 6 years old and up.

Duration: 1day. Approx.6 hours

Height: from 2700 masl to 3750 masl.

Departure: 5am from the city of Cusco.

Return: 7 pm in the city of Cusco.


TURN ON YOUR INTERIOR FIRETWO DAY Experience "Connecting with the Sun"

Descent with uneven terrain. Development for solidarity and perseverance. Activity to trial equipment and acquire experiences for Camping. Discipline and attention to the indications of the Guide.

Duration of the trekking: 2D / 1N.

Level Difficulty: “5” Exit with Wavy terrain.

Suitable for: Adults with adequate physical condition to carry a backpack.

Average Route: 5 – 6 KM.

Height: From 2500 masl to 3. 600 masl


AWAKEN YOUR ARMONY AWARENESSExperience of 3D / 2N "spiritual paths"

Medium Mountain. Departure on uneven ground with prolonged ascent. Low temperatures. Development of solidarity and perseverance. Activity to reaffirm the use of carrying one’s own backpack. Discipline and attention to the indications of coordination.
Suitable for: Adults with adequate physical condition to carry medium backpack with items for personal

Duration of the trekking: 3D / 2N.

Level Difficulty: “6”

Suitable for: Adults with adequate physical condition to load medium backpack with items for personal use.

Height: from 3000 meters above sea level to 4200 meters above sea level.

Social Responsability

Kuntur Spirit is a company with principles of Responsibility for the Sustainable Development of the Andean communities, providing work opportunities for parents who work in kitchen, parking, drivers, etc; Kuntur Spirit is also present in the communities with informative talks, training for Mothers and Parents among others.

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